In vino veritas.

How many of us, at times, have avoided drinking a nice glass of wine in the company of others because its effect on our psyche can become "dangerous"? The alcohol content, the taste, the aromas: everything contributes to making us more relaxed and perhaps more inclined to let ourselves "go", even when we might prefer to stay our more introverted selves. 

A frequently used phrase to describe the phenomenon is “in vino veritas”. The Latin phrase literally translates to "there is truth in wine", but its meaning is a little more complex than what you may think.

Hearing those words, we think that by drinking a good glass of wine we are more inclined to be honest, to lose our inhibitions, or at the very least, to relax them. But I'd like to suggest that "in vino veritas" could have another meaning as well. The choice of wine, the way we drink it, how we choose it based on what we have on our plate or what we are cooking can also be factors that communicate "truths" about us, a bit like the non-verbal language of our body, our gestures.

I'd like to venture into an even more personal analysis.

Are you a red wine lover? Most likely you are a thoughtful person, a lover of tradition, relaxation, the company of old friends. You have a concrete character and a romantic nature. 

We could delve even deeper into specifics, because there is red wine and then there is RED wine. For example, do you like Chianti? You could be a person who appreciates the classics, the tranquility that only simple things can give you. Or do you usually choose Brunello di Montalcino when dining at a restaurant? Then the adjective that suits you is: sophisticated. You like to get noticed and be the center of attention, you are the soul of the party, the one that no one ever wants to leave out when organizing a dinner or an event.

My musings go on...

Stubborn and frank people, might be attracted to the ruby notes of a fragrant Barolo. With this wine you would see your stormy and impetuous character satisfied. You are people who are really hard to say no to! On the other hand, if you are nostalgic and sentimental, you are most likely a Lambrusco lover. There can be no reunion without you, you are the ones who are relied upon to bring back the most meaningful anecdotes.

Pinot Noir can be metaphorically linked to the concept of mountain regions. Pinot Noir lovers can understand and appreciate the delicate, green pastures and the scent of wood, as well as the climb, the effort, the challenges to be faced every day with enthusiasm and a precise attitude, just like the mountain atmosphere requires. 

White wine, on the other hand, intertwines its character with that of expansive, sunny people with a great desire to have fun and not think about worries. It seems to be the preferred choice of women, especially the young.

That said, anyone can be a fan. Chardonnay is for those who love cuddles and always want to feel protected and reassured, for those who find home in a warm embrace.

Entering the world of sparkling wine, His Majesty, Prosecco, often considered a "party" wine, is, on the contrary, generally adored by reserved people who love to surround themselves with the company of those who share the same passions. Franciacorta, on the other hand, is like a designer bag: a status symbol. It is mostly chosen by people with a high standard of living and wine expertise. The noble Champagne, on the other hand, is on par with Brunello. It is especially appreciated by people with a refined taste and who feel at home getting noticed.

Passito, on the other hand, is the choice of those who always have room for dessert, those who love the pleasures of the table and of life and do not hold back in the face of anything.

Clearly the choice of wine does not depend only on these "emotional" factors of personal character that I've described. There are many other components that determine what we choose to pour into our glass, first and foremost, the wine's pairing with what we are eating. And, it's always great to experiment with new choices.  

That said, if you had to choose...what wine are you?

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