Why Choose TasterPlace

At TasterPlace we offer a new tasting experience to help you learn about the food and beverage products you love the most. 

Tasting is about training your senses, sampling and comparing different products with each other in order to identify the unique differences that distinguish them often in a subtle yet noticeable way. Tasting can be intimidating at first, but it is something that everyone can successfully achieve with a little guidance and some practice. At TasterPlace we incorporate real-life tasting tools and the information you need to know into a convenient and affordable product, and deliver it to your home to enjoy alone, with your family, or with your friends

We begin this journey in the world of tasting by examining olfactory aromas, because our nose is the most important tool we have when it comes to tasting. In fact, odor is the first characteristic we sense when we approach food to our mouth, and subsequently, the aromas which develop in the mouth and which are perceived by way of retronasal smell, contribute to producing that which we call the flavor of a product.