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The olfactory sense is the most important tool we have to taste food and beverages. 

Scents or odors are the first thing we perceive when approaching food or drink to our mouths. The olfactory sense (sense of smell) permits us to perceive these scents through the nose, as well as mouth aromas, which are retronasally sensed through the canal that connects the nose to the mouth. The perceptions produced by retronasal smell and taste, constitute what we call the flavor of a food or drink.

Aromas are produced by chemical molecules that interact with the receptors in our olfactory system. It is difficult to correctly identify individual aromas, not because our receptors don’t work properly, but because our sense of smell is not trained. In fact, you cannot recognize a smell if you have not sensed it before and if you have not given it a name. This suggests that our olfactory memory can improve notably with training

For this reason we created our line AROMAS, a selection of different collections of aroma samples: an indispensable tool for anyone who wants to delve into the world of tasting or for anyone who is already an expert, and would like to fine-tune his aroma recognition capabilities. 

With the use of these aroma samples, you will learn to recognize a precise smell (for example, that of artichoke, strawberry or bread crust) individually, and then you will be better able to recognize that smell in the bouquet of various aromas that constitute the particular olfactory identity of a product.
The fact that aromas are produced by combinations of molecules, means that the same molecules found in different products such as Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Wine and Chocolate produce similar aromas in these products. 
Our first series of AROMAS include the Red Wine, White Wine, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Chocolate collections.