The TasterPlace team is an American and Italian group of professionals with different backgrounds, but the same strong passion for food, beverage and travelling. We come from the fields of management, technology, marketing, and art/design, but we decided to make this passion for food and drink our primary job. 

Years ago, when we first approached the world of tasting as amateurs, we were somewhat puzzled: when a sommelier or instructor discussed the many scents of a wine (for example, those of rose, bell pepper, licorice, or wood), we felt uncomfortable attempting to distinguish them in a product ourselves and were therefore only able to declare whether or not we liked the overall bouquet or taste of the product. During an Extra Virgin Olive Oil tasting, while we appreciated the pleasing smell of “olive oil”, we could not sense particulars like artichoke, or yellow apple. These difficulties were significant in the absence of particular skills. 

Fast forward to three years ago, and TasterPlace was created to help people develop these skills in an easy and fun way. We provide tools to make tasting easier and more accessible by training the sense of smell. Olfactory training is a new way to learn your subtle preferences and ultimately helps in deciding how to successfully pair food and drink together. Discover our collections, AROMAS by TasterPlace. 

When doing a tasting for a particular product, while the first step is to use your sense of smell, the second is clearly ingesting the product in order to determine its unique flavor characteristics. For this reason, we have also launched new EVOO and Chocolate tasting kits- these latter products are currently available for purchase in Italy, and will be available soon, internationally.