Collaborative Projects

TasterPlace, Supplier for the Italian Sommelier Association (AIS Veneto) 

The collaboration between TasterPlace and the Italian Sommelier Association was born from the knowledge that the olfactory sense can be trained. The olfactory sense is fundamental to wine tasting and pairing and TasterPlace provides a user-friendly tool to the taster and sommelier in training.

The association's President, Marco Aldegheri, explains "The exclusive collection of essences created by TasterPlace for our association was conceived as a tool for our new students who are approaching the enological world for the first time, to use to train their sense of smell at home, and thus benefit from being able to recognize some important, basic scents. A selection of aromas this reduced, while certainly not representative of the vast number of aromas documented in wines, is, however, a first step towards educating the olfactory sense in order to ultimately be able to appreciate the infinite olfactory layers of a good wine."

It is an easy and enjoyable way to begin to educate the nose. A wine in the tasting glass, the instruction of an expert and a lot of training, will complete the educative experience.   



TasterPlace for the Prosecco and Superiore exhibition at the Carraresi Museum, Treviso, Italy

TasterPlace collaborated in the creation of the Prosecco Essences display at the Prosecco and Superiore ai Carraresi exhibition, the first exhibition dedicated to Prosecco. The event was organized in collaboration with: Prowine, Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG, Asolo Montello Prosecco Superiore DOCG, Prosecco DOC, AIS Veneto, Crea.


TasterPlace for AIPO Verona, Interregional Olive Producers Association

TasterPlace has started a collaboration with AIPO Verona, (Interregional Olive Producers Association), supplying the association with TasterPlace Extra Virgin Olive Oil AROMAS kits for its tasting courses and associated producers.
For almost 40 years, AIPO has been supporting local producers of extra virgin olive oil in all aspects, production and business technicians, and has been one of the driving forces behind the development that has led to an excellent quality of oils. It has become the most important association in this field in Veneto, Trentino Alto Adige and Friuli Venezia Giulia and is now one of the most important associations in Italy. AIPO is made up of over 5000 olive farms and in recent years has trained over 250 oil tasters.

Why is the sense of smell important? "The sense of smell is the main tool we have in savoring and tasting a food. In the case of Extra Virgin Olive Oil this is particularly important for producers, for tasters of all levels and for panels that evaluate oils. Oil, in order to be defined Extra Virgin, must pass a sensorial evaluation that detects zero defects from an organoleptic point of view. "

Why TasterPlace? "We all have a good sense of smell, but it must be trained and it takes time. At the beginning it can be frustrating because it is difficult to identify different scents." TasterPlace AROMAS has proved to be a very useful tool, and both the new tasters, who use it after classes to train, and the producers, who keep it in the oil mill to make visitors understand what aromatic notes they will smell, ask for the kit. [Of th aroma samples included in the kit] in addition to the positive attributes of olive oil, there are some of the main defects."

"TasterPlace AROMAS is a new, useful and fun way to spread the culture of Extra Virgin Olive Oil which is a product with exceptional health attributes, but that most consumers still know little about and confuse with other Olive Oils of lower quality. "

If you are interested in a course for tasters or for olive oil producers, click here and find out more about AIPO Verona.