The Grapefruit aroma is one example of citrus scents present in a variety of products. In certain instances, the citrus smell is closer to the scent of the leaf of the fruit (as detected on the hands after rubbing a leaf between your fingers). 

The generic citrus scent is recognized blind by most people, as we are used to sensing it in candies and many household cleaning products. However, few are able to distinguish the different scents from each other (such as lemon from grapefruit, etc.).

The grapefruit aroma can be perceived in EVOOs, White Wines and in some Chocolates in varying intensities.

In EVOO, citrus aromas are barely noticeable, but give freshness to the oil’s bouquet. Grapefruit is an aroma that can be found in some particular cultivars that are usually produced with more mature olives. An example is the cultivar Grignan.

In White Wine, it is frequently perceptible in wines produced from the Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Pinot Grigio and some Prosecco varieties, in particular.

It is an aroma only occasionally detectable in Chocolate, barely perceptible, and closer to the scent of the peel than the pulp.

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