Citrus aromas are found in the aromatic bouquet of many White Wines.  

When present, they are among the very first notes that arrive to our nose upon smelling a product. Being pleasant to our sense of smell, they capture our attention and invite us to continue with our assessment.  

Citrus notes disappear quickly, being particularly volatile, but give a unique olfactory imprint to the bouquet as a whole. 

Citrus scents are united by the presence of the limonene molecule in high percentages, to which many others are added which confer particular nuances. Among these: citral in lemon, some aldehydes in orange, linalool in lime, linalyl acetate in bergamot.


Bergamot is a very characteristic aroma that stands out from all the others for its relatively low content of the limonene molecule. It can be found in many wines and in particular in some sparkling wine made with the  classic Franciacorta method.

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