The Banana aroma is a scent that everyone knows well, but that few are able to identify in a blind smell test. If this aroma is weak, and it is part of a complex aromatic bouquet, it is more difficult to identify, but it gives a pleasant and important aromatic personality to the product being tasted. 

In Beer, banana is a scent that is associated with the high fermentation process. It is a positive attribute in certain styles of beer (for example Weiss beer), but can also be considered a defect due to poor control methods in the fermentation process of other beer styles. 

In Chocolate, it is one of the most typical fruit aromas found in cocoa beans. It is usually a more green scent- that of the unripe banana. It is frequently present in Nacional cocoa from Ecuador and Trinitario cocoa from Venezuela. 

In Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the banana aroma is typical of many high-quality oils made from ripe olives. For example, it is often very evident in the Arbosana cultivar. 

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