The smell of Banana is a scent known to all, but one that few people immediately recognize blindly. If not very intense, and within a more complex aromatic bouquet, this scent may be more difficult to identify, but it gives a unique and very pleasant character to the beverage we are tasting.

In Beers, banana is a scent associated with high fermentation. It is a positive and sought after attribute for some styles of Beer (for example, for Weizen) while it can be a flaw due to poor control of the fermentation phase for other styles.

In Chocolate it is one of the most typical fruity notes in cocoa. It is reminiscent of the hint of green and not too ripe banana. It is frequent in Ecuadorian Nacional cacao and Venezuelan Trinitario cacao.

In Extra Virgin Olive Oil, banana is a fairly typical scent in many quality oils made from ripe olives. It can be found with very noticeable notes in some cultivars such as Arbosana.

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