Red Wine

When we approach a professional wine tasting for the first time, it can be confusing: "green pepper", "strawberry", "liquorice", "tar"... "is it possible that a professional's sense of smell is more sensitive than mine, that I recognize very little if anything at all"?

In reality this doesn't depend on how developed our sense of smell is, but on how well we are able to memorize the aromatic sensations we perceive. Olfactory memory can be trained easily by tasting and comparing different wines in the most complete way, by using olfactory samples of the aromas often found in wine. 

The world of Red Wine is vast, with an array of exciting products to discover, from young wines, characterized by a marked freshness and by red fruit aromas, to barrel-aged wines, that have developed an elegant and spiced aromatic bouquet. The characteristics of a wine are the result of many factors: the variety of grape cultivated, the territory in which the grapes were cultivated, the climate, the method of cultivation, the method of the collection of the grapes, the vinification process, the refinement process, and the wine's age when tested. This renders the discovery of wines always new and exciting. 

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