Aromatic Qualities of Olive Oil

The aromas of an EVOO can be perceived both by smelling and ingesting the product.

The most typical aroma of olives is that of fruitiness (which reflects the fruitiness of the olive itself). An EVOO taster must determine the intensity of fruitiness in the oil, and if it recalls green fruit or mature fruit.

Aside from the characteristic of fruitiness in EVOO, there is a multitude of positive aromas and sensations that can be perceived. The International Olive Council (IOC) lists them as follows: ripe olive, unripe olive, chamomile, grass, herbs, eucalyptus, flowers, fig leaf, olive leaf, tomato leaf, citrus, exotic fruit, berries, apple, pear, artichoke, green pepper, bell pepper, almond, walnut, pine nut and vanilla. 

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