53rd National Congress of the Italian Sommelier Association (AIS)

The three days of the 53rd AIS National Congress have concluded. It has been three intense and emotion-filled days. Thank you to all those who came to the TasterPlace stand to try our Aroma kits and purchase our products. 

The National Congress was a success with over 3,500 registered visitors and participants and an impressive organization: 170 AIS Veneto Sommeliers who coordinated and managed the tastings open to the public; over 20 guided tours / tastings / cultural events organized by AIS Veneto over 3 days; 100 companies in the region selected among those with the best results in the Vitae e Vinetia 2020 Guides. 

Through the tours and events organized by AIS, this Congress permitted all to discover the region's best wine and food, and the beauty and art that Verona and its territory offer.

"The impressive success achieved by the tours is confirmation of how the public increasingly wants to approach wine through an immersive experience where the story of the territory becomes crucial. This is fundamental to the sommelier's skill-set. " (Aldegheri, President of AIS Veneto).

“AIS has over 40,000 sommeliers and it is essential to offer them targeted preparation for market demands. Precisely for this reason we would like to create a specific course, with training dedicated to the client's psychology, cultural heritage and hospitality, including explanations of wine-making tems and techniques in the English language, which are indispensable today to adapt to an international context. " (Maietta, President of AIS).

The TasterPlace stand

The inauguration of the Congress at the Philharmonic Theater ... What a show!

The Recioto della Valpolicella tasting in the Curia in Verona ... A unique experience!

 Some excellent Proseccos!

The Gala Dinner is about to start ...

Congratulations to everyone for a wonderful job and we'll see you next year!