Syrah is a grape originally from France, but today it is also grown in Australia, South Africa, Argentina, California, Spain and other regions. It is a varietal that gives rise to wines with an intense red color, structured body and high alcohol content, which lends itself well to barrel refinement and aging.

Syrah has an aromatic bouquet characterized by berries, but compared with other red varietals it has an unmistakable underlying aroma: black pepper. The aroma of black pepper is given by a molecule present in the skins of the grapes and can be perceived in many red wines. In Syrah it is always present, in a marked way, being a varietal aroma due to the specific grape variety. In many wines it is due to unripe grapes or grapes grown in cooler climates, while in Syrah it remains perceptible also in wines from warm areas.

In wines obtained from very ripe grapes or grapes grown in areas with a warm climate (California, Australia, Spain and South Africa), the aromas of blackberry and blueberry jam, tobacco, chocolate and vanilla prevail. In wines made from grapes from France or cooler regions of the United States and Australia, aromas of plum, blueberry, black currant, licorice, cocoa, olive and mint prevail. The bouquets are always accompanied by black pepper in the background.

Like all robust red wines, Syrah is particularly suited to pairings with grilled red meats, roasts and aged cheeses.

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