Perfume and personality

Even the most unconventional or seemingly disorganized person in the world has their own routine. Maybe unaware, maybe not exactly the same everyday, but it is there. Putting on perfume is often part of this ritual. Before going to work, before going out with friends, or even just to feel good (I know people who use it even before going to bed because it makes them sleepy): a little of our favorite fragrance, on the wrists, or behind the ears, helps us feel more confident in ourselves.

We choose our perfume on the basis of many factors, not only related to the "olfactory pleasure" that a certain fragrance gives us when we smell it. The olfactory memory we have often talked about is something that accompanies us every day, in every moment of our daily life. A certain aroma instantly reminds us of people, situations, places, both pleasant and unpleasant, that we have experienced in our life.

It is therefore quite normal to choose our perfume based on the emotions it arouses, but it's important to realize our character also influences and says a lot in this decision. In fact, it seems that there is a link between certain parts of our personality and the type of "smell" that we prefer to accompany our days.

Would you like to try and see how your personality influences your perfume choices and vice versa?

Let's begin!

Are you the type who, as soon as you open your eyes in the morning, even before you have realized where you are and what day it is, is already thinking about your steaming cup of morning coffee? Perhaps you are also a person who dreams of eating a tantalizing dish of chicken curry for dinner, after spending a relaxing afternoon wandering around the flea markets in search of vintage leather bags. You love spices and exotic, stimulating situations. You are strong, adventurous and always looking for new inspirations to make your daily life more colorful. If you recognize yourself in this description, you most probably look for notes in your fragrance that remind you of your passions, therefore spices, exotic flowers, pepper, cocoa, coffee, incense and precious woods. You are outgoing, lively, sociable and energetic.

If, on the other hand, your usual morning requires a rich and nourishing breakfast, and your idea of ​​relaxation includes eating a bowl of fresh fruit salad watching an engaging movie on tv or spending an evening in the company of your closest friends at home or at the cinema, then your scents of preference will be full of sweet notes, reminiscent of ripe fruit, with notes of vanilla and milk chocolate (like what you keep hidden in the pantry when your fruit salad is finished, but not your film!), as well as fresh floral notes, such as lily of the valley or jasmine. These scents say that you are genuine, concrete, reliable and sensitive. You love atmosphere and comforts and have no difficulty demonstrating your feelings to others.

No coffee? No rich breakfast? Is your morning wish to jump out of bed and throw open the windows to let fresh air into the room, then get dressed and go for a nice walk in the park? You cannot resist the call of nature and its simplicity? At the table, a salad of seasonal vegetables is enough to make you happy, perhaps enriched with some important details such as a tasty cheese or an olive oil with a persistent and decisive taste. There is nothing that puts you back in the world like being outdoors and enjoying the sun, and the scents of your environment that abound. You are therefore a person who does not like to set limits, always looking for experiences that allow you to affirm your freedom and not feel trapped in labels or stereotypes. Your scents of preference are fresh but persistent, with notes of talcum powder, Marseille soap, freshly pruned roses, lavender, and the range of scents reminiscent of the smell of your skin after a day spent at the seaside.

Have you recognized yourselves in these associations? Or, perhaps even in a mix of these characteristics? Certainly each of us can vary our preferences at different periods of our lives, due to age, where we live or other circumstances. Our perfume gives others information about our personality that we may struggle to make explicit in words. Our perfume also creates a persistent if not indelible memory of us in those around us, and at the same time, we often choose our perfume based on our own memories that make us feel good (like the scent of talcum powder that our grandmother used or the smell of a forest where we used to play as children).

The world of perfumes is therefore much broader and more complex than one might think and is able to reveal sides of our personality that perhaps, at times, are even hidden from ourselves!

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