Time to think about personalized corporate gifts for the coming holiday season!

It is customary for companies to give gifts to clients, partners and collaborators during the holiday season. Though we've only just entered Autumn, this is a great time to begin planning so as not to find yourself empty-handed at the last minute. 

Are you are tired of the usual gifts like the gourmet basket, and are looking for fresh ideas and you need some creative new suggestions for your corporate gifts?

If you want to focus on something original, refined, elegant and customizable, something that creates in the recipient curiosity and stimuli, involvement, and consequently a pleasant and lasting memory of your company over time,….

...TasterPlace has some exciting and creative products to offer you!


In a society that is continually growing more interested in quality and craft food and beverage products and gourmet tasting, an interesting starting point for corporate holiday gifts can arise from the journey through the wonders that the sense of smell offers. TasterPlace has created tasting tools, kits to train the sense of smell that are an elegant, and decidedly unconventional gift idea.

Our kits are aligned with particular gourmet products such as Red Wine, White Wine, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Beer. 

The outside of the box can have a customized corporate logo to offer a more personal touch which serves as a lasting reminder to your clients, partners and collaborators of your company's appreciation and clout.  

And, the gift of TasterPlace Aromas has a significant added value; it is a tool to learn about the sense of smell, something new. It offers the recipient the opportunity to take his/her first steps into a world that can then open up infinite panoramas, from cooking, to enology and beyond.

Let's look at the options in more detail. 



TasterPlace Aromas is a refined, customizable box that contains a comprehensive publication on the title product (E.g. Red Wine), its tasting practices, and how to fully enjoy the experience of olfactory training to enhance tasting, in addition to 12 aromas to use for practice. The publication is user-friendly and interesting for people will all levels of experience (or lack of) in the world of tasting.

The kit is available in four different varients:

    • Red Wine Aromas
    • White Wine Aromas
    • Beer Aromas
    • Extra Virgin Olive Oil Aromas

The 12 aroma samples serve the practical side of training. By smelling them blindly, and learning to recognize them by checking the improvements that the sense of smell gradually acquires, they will be more imediately recognizable in the wines, beers and olive oils that one tastes. The publication also contains the basic information needed to start recognizing some of the most important characteristics and nuances of each specific aroma presented. 

TasterPlace Aromas is a professional and high quality product. If stored with a minimum of attention, away from heat sources and direct light, the aromas can keep their characteristics intact for several years. 

In summary, it is a gift  outside the usual scheme, fun, useful, educational, and a pleasure to behold and use with its elegant and practical design.

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 TasterPlace T-Box aromas cube

On a smaller scale, TasterPlace offers the T-Box. The T-Box is an entirely customizable cube of 4 aromas to smell blindly to awaken the sense of smell. It is an essential, yet impactful, transparent mini pack that allows you to see the 4 mini bottles inside, and has a customizable inner/outer flap with the collection's name, the list of aromas and instructions for their use. 

The aromas can be chosen in any way desired. For example, for the Italian market, we have offered Holiday T-Boxes including 4 aromas commonly associated with the season (Cinnamon, Clove, Pine Resin and Cookie), as well as T-Boxes with themes of 4 typical aromas found in particular wine varieties or 4 aromas of flowers found in wines. The theme can be customized to beer or any other creative combination using the exhaustive list of aromas that TasterPlace offers. 

Whether you'd like to see the list and consult with us on ideas, or follow your intuition and personal ideas about customizing the T-Box, we are happy to assist you with any inquiries at info@tasterplace.com

SEND US A PRICE QUOTE REQUEST WITHIN AND NO LATER THAN OCTOBER 6th and you will be able to take advantage of special conditions and prices!


Contact us at info@tasterplace.com for more details about the options, the minimum order quantities and the timing for customization and purchase.



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