TasterPlace games

Here are 2 fun games to awaken the sense of smell! Both games can be played by single participants or in teams. To increase the difficulty of the games, you can use a different time limit. Attention: always pay close attention to close the aroma bottles when you put them back in the box, and take care not to confuse the caps.

Materials needed: 1 box of TasterPlace Aromas, paper and pen.


Sort the aromas - Objective: to link the correct bottle number to the name of the aroma. Timed game: 10 seconds for each bottle. 1 point for each correctly guessed aroma. The participant with the highest number of points wins.

1. The person who will guide the game, the "conductor" (cannot participate), must write the 12 aromas of one of the TasterPlace Aromas collections in alphabetical order on sheets of paper and distribute a sheet to each participant or to each team. Any one TasterPlace Aromas collection can be used.

2. The conductor will ask the participants to smell the bottles of aromas one by one.

3. Each participant will have 10 seconds to write the number of the bottle smelled, next to the name of the aroma they think it represents on the sheet. The conductor will then reveal the results found on the last page of the booklet of the TasterPlace Aromas collection.



Guess the aroma - Purpose of the game is to guess the most aromas possible in the shortest amount of time. Suggested number of aromas: 24 or more.

1. Divide the players in two separate teams: team A and team B.
2. The teams will play in turns.
3. Every turn is 30 seconds long. In this 30 seconds time, the team playing has to guess the highest number of aromas. When the 30 seconds of team A are over, the game will pass to team B. These turns will continue alternating until one of the teams reaches the goal of 10 points.
4. Start with team A playing:
- Team B starts the timer (30 seconds) and hands the first aroma bottle to team A.
- Team A opens the bottle, smells, closes the aroma bottle and guesses the aroma.
- Team B checks if the guess is correct and hands a second aroma bottle to team A. This process will repeat until the end of the 30 seconds.
- The purpose of team A is to guess the biggest number of aromas before the 30 seconds end.
5. Each team earns 1 point every 3 aromas guessed correctly during each turn. Example: 2 correct aromas = 0 point, 3 correct aromas = 1 point; 4 correct aromas = 1 point, 6 correct aromas = 2 points. And so on…
6. The game ends when one of the 2 teams reaches 10 points.


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