Beer Aromas

The BEER Aromas collection is here! Discover the publication with everything you need to know to approach Beer tasting and 12 aromas to smell to learn to recognize the typical scents of the different styles of Beer.

Beer is an exceptional product for the aromas and flavors it expresses and for the countless variations of styles and products that can be found on the market.

It is a very popular product and is increasingly combined with haute cuisine and gourmet foods. Learning to taste and recognize beers is fascinating, but also useful for orienting oneself towards satisfying personal choices and food and beer pairings.

A freshly opened beer has intense and immediate aromas which differ according to the beer's style and raw materials used for its production. For example:

  • Malt can bring aromatic notes of bread, yogurt, caramel, biscuit, toasted hazelnut, bread crust, honey, raisins, cocoa, coffee.
  • Hops can contribute particular aromas depending on where they come from: European hops often bring hay, flowers, peach, pepper and others; English hops often brings flowers, berries, white fruit, grass; Australian hops present grapefruit grape, lemon, tropical fruit aromas; The USA often brings citrus fruits, berries, pine resin, flowers.
  • Fermentation can bring hints of banana, pear, apple, clove, strawberry, rose.

Therefore, depending on the style of Beer and how the brewery interprets it, it is possible to obtain products with very different sensory profiles: Weizen beers have notes of banana and cloves; Stouts have notes of Coffee; some Ale beers present combinations of caramel and peach; and the list goes on.

TasterPlace is an olfactory gym to train your sense of smell. With the BEER AROMAS collection you can train yourself to memorize a selection of aromas individually and then be able to recognize them, in more subtle form, in the Beers you drink. 

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