Company gifts

TasterPlace AROMAS

An exclusive and elegant gift idea for your business partners.

 An easy-to-read booklet to introduce you to the world of tasting.  

12 aromas to train your sense of smell in preparation for tastings of all sorts.  

4 different collections to discover Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Chocolate, Red Wine, and White Wine. 

  • Professional products: our products are used by tasting associations, sommeliers, producers, and as a learning tool in tasting classes.  
  • The packaging is elegant and chic.
  • The aromas are of a high quality and last over time: tested by experts, the aromas don't diminish. If preserved away from light and heat, they can last many years. 
  • Fun and accessible to everyone: the booklet is easy to follow, the use of the aromas is simple for all, and the kit does not require any previous specific knowledge. 

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