Solo Aromas - Wine Tertiaries
Solo Aromas - Wine Tertiaries
Solo Aromas - Wine Tertiaries

Solo Aromas - Wine Tertiaries

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Wine tertiary aromas develop during the aging phase of wine and add complexity to the wine's bouquet. Barrel-aging has various effects on a wine depending also on the characteristics of the wood and the specific process used: small barrel vs. large barrel, new barrel vs. old barrel, the wood's provenance, the type of toasting the wood underwent for the barrel's fabrication, the wood's processing. 

The SOLO AROMAS - Wine Tertiaries collection contains 8 olfactory samples and 1 mystery aroma. The 8 aromas are:

1. Vanilla

2. Coconut

3. Caramel

4. Leather

5. Oak wood

6. Stall

7. Pharmaceutical/Burnt wood

8. Smoked

And the Mystery Aroma? We're offering you an additional aroma to test yourself! Try to recognize the aroma following the instructions and discover if you have guessed correctly. 

Would you like to know more about Wine Tertiary Aromas? Click here to request our free pdf guide.